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B-Log offers a cost-efficient transporting service from one point to another point.

Transport Distribution Multidrop

A total cost reduction service from B-Log to distribute your goods to multiple points.

Other Logistic Services

B-Log provides a wide-range of logistics solutions that will cover your every needs.

  • Dispatch & Routing Management
  • Driver & Fuel Management
  • Operation Management
  • Transport Supply
  • POD Controlling
  • Ground Handling
  • Unit Lease

“B-Log combines technology and team competence to maximize efficiency”

B-Log Logistics Solution

Logistics expenses typically comprise the vast majority of corporate expenses. We are experienced to drive down logistics expenses by focusing our strong point on technology to support our driver & fleet in every possible aspect. By optimizing productivity, we can achieve the maximum efficiency.


Maximize your logistics efficiency

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With almost 10 years of experience and supported by more than 2500 logistics fleet, B-Log has over 70% logistics coverage all over Indonesia. B-Log team is confident to help you to give you a total logistics solution.